Nov 24

Hopefully by now you will have seen our latest e-news ARKive’s Got Talent, paying homage to the plethora of reality-style talent shows on television at the moment. It was a long road to the final for all our wild and wacky contestants, but eventually our judges whittled the wheatear from the chaffinch to leave us with our six finalists.

But what about the contestants that didn’t make the grade? Simon Owl, David Hasselhoof, Cheryl Mole and Justin Beaver still had plenty to squawk about in the semi-finals…

Greater flamingo

The greater flamingo would be ideal as a dance troop as it is a highly social species – it performs synchronised displays during courtship.

Greater flamingo

Justin Beaver: “The best piece of choreographed dance in the competition so far. If I have one criticism it’s that you were a little pigeon-toed at the end.”

Arctic fox

ARKive’s Got Talent’s wildcard entrant, the Arctic fox spends a lot of its life skipping about on ice, especially in the winter.

Arctic fox

David Hasselhoof: “Your crossover from Dancing on Ice-floes couldn’t have come at a better moment! You’ve really clawed your way to the top of this competition!”

Rafflesia kerrii

The giant flowers of the genus Rafflesia are the largest single flowers in the world; they can reach over 90cm across! It is also one of the smelliest plants in the world – Rafflesia flowers absolutely honk of rotting flesh.

Rafflesia kerrii

Cheryl Mole: “Is making a smell really a talent? I’m sorry but you stink, pet!”

Goliath grouper

The rather sad-looking face of this underwater face contortionist makes it a natural gurner!

Goliath grouper

Simon Owl: “You know I’ve never really liked gurners before – but you’re a natural! There’s nothing fishy about this act.”

So that rounds up ARKive’s Got Xtra Talent! Do you think the gurning grouper or the honking plant should have made it through to the final rather than the singing whale or the avian florist? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter which species you think should have made it to the final.

Don’t forget to cast your vote for the winner of ARKive’s Got Talent using the Like buttons on the enews and/or the Twitter Poll!

Charlie “Talent Scout” Whittaker, ARKive Media Researcher


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