Dec 7

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Whilst we can’t bring you snow, we can help make your dreams come true when it comes to having a green Christmas.

We all have responsibility to help reduce our impact on the planet. With the excesses of the Christmas holiday season almost upon us, we’ve come up with some simple tips for enjoying a more environmentally friendly festive season.

Avoid the jams

Image of blue wildebeest in a line

Travelling over the holiday period can feel like joining the annual migration. Using public transport instead of the car to travel to see family and friends will help make the holiday season a little bit greener and help to avoid the traffic.

Save paper

Image of logging camp

With all the excitement of unwrapping cards and prezzies it’s easy to forget your normal eco habits. We recommend that you buy recycled paper where you can. Also remember to recycle cards and wrapping paper or even better, save them to re-use next year.

Waste not want not

Image of Bornean orang-utan with mangoes in mouth

Food is a major part of many peoples holiday celebrations. This Bornean orang-utan isn’t setting the best example. Make sure the holiday spirit doesn’t lead to buying so much food, that lots will just end up in the bin.

Wrap up warm

Image of Himalayan tahr

Feeling chilly? Animals like this Himalayan tahr grow a thicker coat to keep warm over winter. So if you’re feeling the cold, pop on an extra layer before turning up the heating.

Thoughtful gifts

Images of European bee-eaters exchanging courtship gift

Giving and receiving gifts is a traditional part of Christmas, but there are some gifts that we could really do without. The remote control rat, goldfish ‘snowglobe’ or novelty socks may never be seen again after New Year. This pair of European bee eaters have got it just right; that dragonfly is certain to be appreciated.

Plant a Christmas tree

Image of mature Fraser fir

Growing your own Christmas tree to use every year is a great way to improve your Christmas impact but it doesn’t need to get quite as big as this Fraser fir! If there isn’t the outside space to grow a Christmas tree at least make sure it’s disposed of responsibly.

Finally, make a New Year’s resolution to do something to make the next year a little bit greener.

Have a very happy eco Christmas!

Ellie Sans, ARKive Media Researcher 

  • Andrew (December 9th, 2011 at 3:16 pm):

    Awesome and candid tips, thanks for the refresher course and also great ideas I hadn’t thought about before! ~drew

  • Marcela (December 7th, 2012 at 3:11 pm):

    Some of these I can apply but some others are only applicable for countries where Christmas happens in winter. I live in a country where the temperature in Christmas is usually quite hot! Maybe you could add some tips for people to save energy on air conditioning and ventilation :)