Jan 21

Lauren Pascoe, ARKive Media ResearcherI’ve been working at ARKive for over two years now and joined the team after completing my BSc in Biology at Bristol University. I joined as a Research Assistant, and now work as an ARKive Media Researcher trying to track down all those elusive images and videos out there!

What are you currently working on?

I’m looking for images of a number of newly described cichlid species from Lake Victoria. Surprisingly, these are proving less elusive than the endangered plant species I am also currently researching!

What animal skill would you most like to have?

With the freezing temperatures outside, I wouldn’t say no to the ability to hibernate over winter. But if prolonged sleeping isn’t considered a skill, running on water like the plumed basilisk would be a pretty neat party trick.

Which three people would you invite to the ultimate dinner party?

I hear that David Attenborough is pretty booked up with all the other ARKive dinner parties he’s attending, so I’ll give him the night off and invite…

Jane Goodall – if only to hear her chimp greeting and amazing stories of life with wild chimpanzees in Tanzania.

James Cracknell – an Olympic athlete who has raced to the South Pole and rowed the Atlantic. What wouldn’t there be to ask?!

Michael McIntyre – one of my favourite comedians would be sure to add to the conversation with an inappropriate joke or two!

Where in the world would you most like to go?

Too many places! Keeping it relatively local, I currently have my eye on Scandinavia – I’d love a chance to explore the wilderness there.

Which celebrity do you most look like?

Nobody comes to mind! Attempting to steal Ivan’s idea… I have no idea who the people the ‘image recognition service’ website suggested even are!

What’s the best wildlife encounter you’ve ever had?

Whilst on a turtle conservation project, I got to be within inches of a leatherback turtle female digging its nest – definitely made a night suffering torrential rain worth it. Watching humpback whales off the coast of Iceland makes a close second though!

What’s your favourite thing on ARKive?

I still discover new species on ARKive that amaze me. I recently found the psychedelic frog fish – its name is very fitting! Another relatively new addition to the website is this video of the pygmy anteater – I find the way this tiny mammal moves fascinating!

Tell us an animal related joke.

What do you call a camel with three humps?


  • Ben Roberts (January 21st, 2011 at 11:28 am):

    There’s no way that pygmy anteater is real!

  • Susan Presba-Morris (January 1st, 2014 at 9:33 am):

    I was very curious how the yellow presba and the mohogony presba dragonfly got their name. Presba is my maiden name and relatively uncommon. Very interested in the history of their discovery and name origin. Any information you may supply would be appreciated.