Feb 1

It’s February. It’s cold. It’s dark. How about a little laughter to brighten up your day? We’ve been entertaining ourselves in the ARKive office by scouring the website for the natural world’s funniest faces! Here are our top 10:

Flashback to the 80s

Cotton-headed tamarin photo

The hair! The attitude! This cotton-headed tamarin would definitely fit in at a 80s-themed fancy dress party. 


Photo showing frilled shark teeth

Lauren loves the weird ‘grin’ of the frilled shark. The shark’s large mouth is armed with multiple rows of sharp, three-pronged teeth. While each tooth is relatively small, there are around 300 in total, providing almost a thousand sharp hooks on which to trap struggling prey!


Male proboscis monkey photo

It looks like this proboscis monkey is a little sensitive about his extra-large, pendulous snout!

A face only a mother could love…

European plaice photo

Like all flatfish, the larval stage of the European plaice undergoes a remarkable change – as it matures, the left eye migrates around the head to the right side, allowing the fish to lie flat on the seabed.

Jeepers creepers, where did you get those peepers?

Philippine tarsier photo

As well as being able to rotate their heads nearly 360°, tarsiers have the biggest eyes relative to body weight of any mammal.


Long-eared owl photo 

‘Aargh! A ghost!’ This long-eared owl knew he shouldn’t have watched that scary movie.

What are you looking at?

Flap-necked chameleon photo

The flap-necked chameleon’s eyes can move independently, allowing it to look in two different directions simultaneously!

Tongue twister

 Malayan sun bear photo

The Malayan sun bear has an extremely long tongue, the longest of all bear species!

Nature’s comedian

Purple frog photo

The purple frog has a somewhat comical appearance, with a hugely bloated body, short, stout limbs and a small head that seems almost too short for its body.

Balloon animals    

Hooded seal photo             

  The hooded seal owes its name to the striking nasal appendage that adorns the hood of sexually mature males. During displays, the male hooded seal inflates a large, pink balloon-like membrane through its nostril!

Can you find a funnier face on ARKive? Let us know!

Ruth Hendry, ARKive Media Researcher