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Claire Lewis, ARKive Media ResearcherI’ve been at ARKive for a year and a bit now after originally heading west to study Psychology and Zoology at the University of Bristol. After my degree I spent a year in deepest darkest Pembrokeshire before heading back to Bristol and joining the ARKive team, firstly as an ARKive Media Research Assistant and then as an ARKive Media Researcher – what a mouthful!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently updating some of the big charismatic species profiles including the tiger and the West Indian manatee as well as searching for a whole host of elusive Sri Lankan reptiles and amphibians.

What animal skill would you most like to have?

It’s probably a bit of a cliché but I would love to be able to fly, it would certainly make my morning commute a bit easier! Failing that I would love to be able to hibernate like the black bear and miss winter completely…

Which three people would you invite to the ultimate dinner party?

If Sir David Attenborough is all booked up, which I suspect he might be, I would love to invite the late Steve Irwin, I bet he would have the craziest stories and I’ve always loved his enthusiasm for wildlife.

Secondly, I would invite Mary King the British three-day eventer as I am passionate about riding and she has always been a bit of a hero of mine.

Finally, I think I would invite Noel Fielding to inject plenty of surreal humour into the evening – as if this dinner party wasn’t surreal enough already!

Where in the world would you most like to go?

I would love to see a lot more of Africa, I’ve only been once but I fell in love with the continent and its wildlife straight away and I’ve been desperate to return ever since.

I’d really like to see the northern lights one day too!

Which celebrity do you most look like?

Hmmm, many years ago when I was much younger and the Spice Girls were still popular, I believe Baby Spice might have been mentioned (cringe!) but nowadays I wouldn’t have a clue who I look like…

What’s the best wildlife encounter you’ve ever had?

The best encounter I’ve had was seeing African wild dogs feeding at a kill in Kruger National Park, which I know I have already mentioned in my Love Species blog. Thinking closer to home it would probably be seeing my first ever (and only) kingfisher last year on the river Avon.

What’s your favourite thing on ARKive?

Ooooh that’s a tough one! Aside from my obvious love for the African wild dog, I think I would have to say either the Tasmanian devil for its sheer cuteness or the Marañón poison frog because I think it’s the most beautiful amphibian and one of the first species I added to ARKive.

Tell us an animal related joke.

Courtesy of my Dad, the king of lame jokes:

What do you call a pig with three eyes?

A Piiig

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