Mar 16
The Big Bang Fair, the UK’s biggest single celebration of science and engineering for young people, took place last week at ICC London ExCeL, and an enthusiastic ARKive team was present to showcase the ARKive website
Photo of media Researcher Becky showing ARKive to young scientists

Media Researcher Becky showing ARKive to young scientists

The Big Bang 2011     

The Big Bang aims to inspire young people to pursue careers in science and engineering, and to celebrate their achievements in these subjects.      

Drawn by a fantastic diversity of stalls and interactive displays, as well as headline shows such as the BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory and the Wallace and Gromit ‘World of Invention’ roadshow, over 25,000 people attended this year’s event.     

“It’s got a monkey on it……”          

The ARKive team were there to introduce young scientists to the huge variety of wildlife imagery and fact files available on the ARKive website, and to tell teachers about its free educational learning resources.   

Budding conservationists, aiming to become the next David Attenborough, were also keen to play ARKive’s fun Wild Idols game, in which they could choose a short wildlife film to narrate over, whilst appropriately dressed for a jungle, ocean, polar or savannah theme. Other visitors to the ARKive stand were happy to sit back and enjoy the captivating ARKive promo.        

Over 5,000 lucky visitors, attracted by our persuasive pitch of “would you like a poster….it’s got a monkey on it…” also left with a promotional ARKive monkey poster.        

See you there next year!         

By telling this generation’s young scientists about ARKive, we hope to further raise awareness about the plight of our planet’s threatened biodiversity and increase support for the conservation of endangered species. We will be at the Birmingham NEC for the Big Bang again in 2012, so if you didn’t make this year’s event, then we hope to see you there next year. 

Photo of the ARKive team in the Wild Idols fancy dress

The ARKive team in the Wild Idols fancy dress

Alex Royan, ARKive Species Text Author