Mar 9

Scat, dung, poo, faeces, excrement – whatever you want to call it, every animal produces the stuff and it’s a great (if slightly nauseating) way of identifying some of the world’s more elusive species.

So do you know your guano from your droppings? Your herbivores from your carnivores? To find out, why not get stuck in to our scat-tastic quiz. See if you can identify the owners of these ten triumphant turds!

1. This one is devilishly hard I’m afraid.

Image 1


2. Forget fire-breathing, I’d be more worried about getting close to the rear end of this beastie.

Image 2


3. A splendid spoor which should help you to spot this fearsome predator.

Image 3


4. Normally famed for its egg-laying behaviour, can you tell which spikey mammal has laid this neat little package?

Short-beaked echidna faeces 

5. You can blame the largest avian Aussie for this pile of poop.

Emu faeces 

6. This delicate dump is definitely the result of some monkey-business.

Image 6


7. It’s hard to believe that such a cute amphibious rodent is responsible for producing this stinky scat.

Image 7


8. This terrible turd(us) is surely the work of a local mistletoe eater.

Image 8


9. I can hardly bear to look at this hoofy heap of poo.

Image 9


10. I don’t fancy bumping into the horned megafauna that produced this dollop of dung!

Image 10

So how did you do? Click on the images to check your answers on Arkive and let us know your scats out of 10!

  • NJ (March 9th, 2011 at 4:34 pm):

    8/10- scatastic!

  • Ben (March 9th, 2011 at 6:14 pm):

    5/10- poo

  • logan olsen (April 21st, 2011 at 4:05 pm):

    i love poop