Apr 21

ARKive's Egg-spose the animal campaign logoEggs are on everyone’s mind here at ARKive. From the anticipation of them hatching to reveal a cute little chick (awwh!) to the pleasure of a more chocolate kind (mmmm!)

That’s why on Facebook we’ve gone all out on egg puns and scrambled some of your favourite threatened species in a new game. Before you read on I must warn you that this blog may contain egg puns!

Can you eggs-pose the animal?

How to play along

Each day we add a new species to Facebook disguised with an egg. Use your animal knowledge to guess its identity, then ‘Like’ ARKive to reveal the answer and discover some eggs-traordinary facts. Help us gain eggs-posure for these amazing creatures and share the clues with your friends!

Let’s eggs-pose some animals!

Can you guess today’s? After hatching, the young of this species face a mad scramble for the sea, avoiding predators along the way.

Click on the photos to help reveal the answers.

Click to eggs-pose the animal!

Can you identify this primitive primate?

Here’s a clue – it’s well-known for its eggs-traordinary leaping abilities!

Click to eggs-pose the animal!

What’s hatching behind this egg?

Poaching eggs from this certain snappy someone is definitely ill-advised!

 Click to eggs-pose the animal!

Who’s got egg on its red face?

The fur of this primate may prove a red herring.

 Click to eggs-pose the animal!

Look out for eggs-tra species over the holiday weekend!

Join us on Facebook, play the game and share with your friends. The more people who are aware of these animals, the better chance we have of saving them!