Apr 28

No matter where you are right now, there is no escaping the fanfare of the Royal Wedding. On Friday, Prince William, second in line to the British throne, will marry Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey. 

As the wedding day approaches, royal fever is gripping the world, with billions of people across the globe expected to watch the royal spectacle on TV. Tens of thousands also plan to descend on London to line the wedding procession. From the bride’s dress and wedding ring, to the wedding cake and guest list, the details of the royal wedding have sparked endless speculation and rumour. 

Here at ARKive we are also keenly following the Royal Wedding plans. As speculation into the ceremony continues, I have delved into ARKive to find some clues on the bride and groom’s plans. Whether it is dancing tips, honeymoon advice or dress suggestions, it seems William and Kate can find all the help they need to organise a Royal Wedding from the animal kingdom. 

Royal Wedding run-through

Photo of pair of Japanese cranes calling

 The first dance of a bride and groom is a traditional affair in most weddings, as couples take to the floor for a waltz or a slow dance. To impress spectators, Kate and William could take some inspiration from the alluring synchronised courtship dance of the Japanese crane, or perhaps they could stun their audience with a mesmerizing routine like this wire-tailed manakin

Photo of great egret preening breeding plumes

While the details of Kate’s wedding dress are still veiled in mystery, we can fully expect her to wear traditional white. This great egret has also embraced a white wedding theme, with brilliant white plumage, as well as a giant veil of wonderful, elegant plumes on its back.

Photo of cape fur seal males sunbathing by sea

 After their wedding, many couples like to escape the frivolities by taking off on their honeymoon. Perhaps William and Kate could make like these brown fur seals and find a scenic spot at the coast for a spot of sunbathing.

Photo of an Atlantic royal flycatcher displaying crest

 Rumours suggest that Kate is to wear the Queen’s tiara on Friday, perhaps as the ‘something borrowed’ part of her attire. This diamond-adorned accessory is likely to turn a few heads, but is it as spectacular as the ornately decorated crest of the equally regal Atlantic royal flycatcher?

Photo of European bee-eater offering prey as a courtship gift

Instead of receiving lavish gifts from their handpicked guests, William and Kate are to donate their wedding favours to charity. The male European bee-eater is equally generous during courtship, as the female laps up food gifts given to her by the male.

Photo of male and female buff-cheeked gibbons

While William and Kate will vow to remain together for the rest of their lives on Friday, being monogamous is actually a rarity in the wild. However, its not just the royals that commit, and perhaps the couple should look to their primate cousins for relationship advice. The buff-cheeked gibbon is the poster primate for extreme fidelity, as breeding pairs remain together for life, until death do they part. 

If you know of any other animals with characteristics or behaviours suited to a royal wedding, let us know! 

Alex Royan, ARKive Species Text Author