Apr 22

Each spring marks the annual return of Earth Day, a 40+ year old holiday reminding us all to take a moment and reflect on and appreciate the natural world around us. This year, Earth Day has launched a new and ambitious campaign called “A Billion Acts of Green” urging everyone to pledge an Act of Green and share it with the world on their website, http://act.earthday.org/.

Photo of Japanese macaque feeding on wild cherry blossom

The Japanese macaque dines on local cherry blossoms. Think about eating local foods, too!

An Act of Green is any change in behavior that positively impacts the environment. Visitors to the website can see real time pledges as they come in, with recent additions promising to “always use recyclable grocery bags”, and to “eat more local food.”

We here at Wildscreen are very proud to say that we’ve added our Act of Green pledges.

Our UK office has pledged to “ensure PCs are fully shut down from this point and continue to champion all other green activity.” Our US office has pledged to “always walk or take public transportation to work” and to “become a fully paperless office”, by completing all daily tasks virtually, such as signing documents through Adobe Acrobat, e-faxing, and keeping our calendars and to-do lists online. 

Photo of black wildebeest in herd running

Wildebeest always practice eco-friendly travel during their yearly migrations!

As an environmental organization, it’s important to all of us here at Wildscreen to try our best to minimize our environmental impact and to encourage other organizations to do the same. 

Have you pledged your Act of Green yet for Earth Day 2011? If not, why not learn more about the campaign and how to make your pledge by visiting the Billion Acts of Green campaign website.

  • logan olsen (April 23rd, 2011 at 3:43 am):

    happy earth day