May 27

Animals have been inspiring art for generations, and it is with this in mind that I have been browsing the ARKive gallery to locate some of our very own abstract art for your visual enjoyment. I’m sure you know your Monet from your Mondrian, but how well do you know the extraordinary exhibits of the animal kingdom? Can you tell an ocelot from an octopus, or a bee-eater from a bird of paradise? I challenge you to give it a go…

1. The characteristic patches of this lofty mammal act as camouflage in the dappled shadows cast by trees as they feed.

Photo of skin detail

2. Named for its distinctive pattern, this snake uses its body to constrict its prey before swallowing.

Photo of snake skin pattern

3. The winged adult form of this invertebrate has markings that resemble a human skull, and is named accordingly.

Photo of caterpillar close up

4. This ocean dwelling fish is streamlined for speedy swimming, much like the closely related tuna.

Photo of fish scales

5. These spectacular spots belong to the largest feline found in the Americas.

Photo of feline fur pattern

6. This ethereally-named fish has striking stripes fit for a king.

Photo of patterned fish

7. This feathered friend is partial to buzzing, bumbling insects and even knows how to avoid getting stung!

Photo of feathers

8. Variation in colour is an everyday occurrence for this reptile, particularly during courtship and defence displays.

Photo of reptile skin

So, how did you do? Why not explore the ARKive gallery and let us know if you find anymore awesome animal artwork!

Laura Sutherland, ARKive Media Researcher