May 12
Photo of a brown bear showing tongue

Bonkers about brown bears? Vote for them in our birthday poll!

Crazy for coconut crabs? Love lions? Head over heels for hawksbill turtles? Help us to celebrate ARKive’s 8th birthday by voting for your favourite species!

Since its launch by Sir David Attenborough in 2003, ARKive has created amazing audio-visual profiles for almost 13,000 species.

To help you decide which species on ARKive you love the most we have pulled together a list of our top 20 most popular animals and plants. But if you are fanatical about fossas or more partial to a prickly pear you can vote for them too!

The winning species will be announced on ARKive’s birthday on May 20th in a special birthday edition of the enews, on our Facebook page and on twitter.

Will it be birthday ballons for the burrowing bettong or a conga line for the celebrating centipede – you decide!

Vote here for your favourite species.