May 6

Come and explore our new Gutianshan National Nature Reserve pages, and find out about this unique area of southern China and its incredible biodiversity.

Gutianshan National Nature Reserve is our latest ARKive eco-region profile, supported by HSBC as part of their HSBC Climate Partnership.

Gutianshan forest canopy photo

Gutianshan National Nature Reserve

Gutianshan National Nature Reserve was formed in 1975 to protect old-growth evergreen broadleaved forest, an important habitat in many parts of Asia, including southern China. This fascinating habitat has fantastically rich biodiversity, including many rare and endemic plants, 18 of which occur on the Chinese list of rare and endangered species.

Precious plant life

One of the more beautiful plants found in Gutianshan National Nature Reserve is Magnolia cylindrica, one of 1,367 species of flowering plant found here. The vegetation of the reserve’s forest is dominated by a few species of evergreen tree, but altogether a remarkable 1,426 species of seed plants have been recorded here.

Photo of Magnolia cylindrica

Magnolia cylindrica is endemic to China, and is a threatened species

Charismatic mammals

Gutianshan National Nature Reserve is also home to some amazing mammal species, including the elusive clouded leopard. Even though it is a relatively small reserve, many other rare and threatened mammal species are found here, including the Vulnerable Asiatic black bear and black muntjac, showing its high biodiversity value and importance to conservation.

Clouded leopard photo

The Clouded leopard is protected in China

Galliformes galore

Gutianshan is an important reserve for galliformes, such as Elliot’s pheasant and Cabot’s tragopan, both of which are declining and rely on habitats protected within this vital nature reserve.

Cabot's tragopan photo

Cabot's tragopan relies on one species of tree for food and as a roost site

Captivating biodiversity

The incredible big-headed turtle is one of the many other curious species found in Gutianshan National Nature Reserve. This Endangered species relies on primary evergreen broadleaved forest, but few areas of this type of forest remain in eastern China due to deforestation. However there are now around 27 protected areas within eastern China’s evergreen broadleaved forest, including Gutianshan National Nature Reserve.

Big-headed turtle photo

The big-headed turtle favours the cool, fast-flowing mountain brooks and streams found in Gutianshan National Nature Reserve

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