Jun 10

Champion of conservation and Wildscreen patron, HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh celebrates his 90th birthday today.

A long-standing patron for the Wildscreen charity, HRH Duke of Edinburgh believes in the need to engage people with the natural world in order to ensure its conservation:

“Books and lectures can do a lot to explain the facts of life on this planet, but images and sounds are better at stirring the imagination. I am quite sure that through its series of Festivals and ARKive, Wildscreen has been responsible for making more people aware of the natural world than any other conservation organisation.”

Holding a concern for species and the impact that people have on the natural world, HRH Duke of Edinburgh has been at the forefront of conservation for many years.  Not only patron for Wildscreen, the HRH Duke of Edinburgh is committed to a number of other such organisations and as WWF International President he visited projects in over 50 countries to help raise awareness to the plight of species.

HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh 

In an interview for the BBC to mark his 90th birthday, HRH Duke of Edinburgh spoke of his support for conservation projects in a bid to protect the Earth’s diversity of species.  The conservation charities HRH Duke of Edinburgh has helped champion, such as Wildscreen, continue to flourish from his eminent patronage. 

Wildscreen is truly grateful of such valuable support from HRH Duke of Edinburgh and wishes its patron many happy returns on his 90th birthday.

Wildscreen – the charity behind ARKive

As well as delivering ARKive, the Wildscreen charity runs four other key initiatives – all working to promote conservation of nature using the power of wildlife films and photographs. 

  • Wildscreen Festival: the world’s most influential wildlife and environmental film festival, which include the coveted Panda Awards.
  •  The UK’s leading photography symposium WildPhotos, explore the power of wildlife and environmental photography.
  • Wildscreen Outreach: a touring programme of award-winning film screenings and masterclasses to reach and inspire new audiences across the globe.
  • WildFilmHistory: an online guide to the pioneering people and productions behind the last 100 years of natural history filmmaking.

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