Jun 21

LOOK3 logoThe town of Charlottesville, Virginia in the US played a very welcoming host to the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph last week and ARKive was there to take part in “3 days of peace, love and photography”. Here’s a rundown of the many LOOK3 activities that the ARKive team were involved with.

iLCP’s 12 Shots

The ARKive team attended 12 Shots, an event hosted by the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), a partner organization to both LOOK3 and ARKive, which uses photography as a tool to further environmental and cultural conservation. 12 Shots is just that – a story told in 12 frames, with breathtaking images of nature and wildlife conservation.  A number of iLCP’s Fellows, who include some of the world’s most famous wildlife photographers, attended the event including Tom Mangelsen who has generously contributed numerous photos to the ARKive project.

Photo of a Bengal tiger in forest

Inspiring young conservation artists

The ARKive team visited multiple second and third grade classes (7 and 8 year olds) at Burnley-Moran Elementary and Greenbrier Elementary Schools. We held interactive presentations where we introduced the students to ARKive, and talked about photography and endangered species. The students loved learning about various species on ARKive and were more than excited to become “Conservation Artists”! The students were split into groups, with each group being given a drawing of an ARKive photo to color in. While they were hard at work, each group learned some fascinating facts about their species using the species profiles on the ARKive website. Check out these young Conservation Artists at work!

Wildscreen USA at LOOK3 2011 - Students colouring in a Bengal tiger

Students working on the Bengal tiger. Whilst they were coloring, they learned that there are only about 3,000 tigers left on the planet.

Wildscreen at Look3 2011 - Students colouring tanager bird

Students working on one of the most colorful small birds in the world, the blue and yellow tanager, which is found in South America.

Students’ final masterpieces displayed at the Paramount Theatre at LOOK3

Students’ final masterpieces displayed at the Paramount Theatre at LOOK3

As every artist does, our young conservation artists left their own personal signature for all to see.

                    Wildscreen USA at LOOK3 - Students signatures                            WildscreenUSA at LOOK3 - Students signatures

The TREES Exhibit and Talk – 2011 Artist: George Steinmetz

On Main Street along Charlottesville’s outdoor mall, beautiful wildlife and nature-centered photos are hung from the trees – it’s the TREES exhibit, one of the tell-tale signs that LOOK3 is in town! A new TREES Artist is chosen for each festival and this year it was George Steinmetz’s photos that graced the Charlottesville Mall. ARKive team members were very excited to sit in on the TREES Talk.

George Steinmetz, one the world’s most renowned aerial photographers, spoke of how he spent the last fourteen years flying over every grain of sand in the world to complete his project on the world’s deserts. The tales he told of flying over the world’s many deserts in a motorized paraglider fascinated us all, especially his daring adventures of out-running the local police or risking his life for the perfect shot!

Wildscreen USA at Look3 2011 -  Michael “Nick” Nichols and George Steinmetz

At the TREES Talk, Michael “Nick” Nichols, founder of the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph and George Steinmetz, the 2011 TREES Artist.

As you can see, the ARKive team had a very exciting two days in Charlottesville! It was so wonderful to spend time with some students from Charlottesville and help them use their creativity to educate people about endangered species as well as see all the conservation photography throughout the festival.

If you want to learn more about the LOOK3 Festival, check out their website, www.look3.org

Gabrielle Otero, Wildscreen USA / ARKive Summer Intern