Jun 29

The recipe

Take one large dollop of Kevin Bacon flavoured Six Degrees of Separation; add a dash of the Wikipedia game. Simmer over a low heat for several hours. Pour in an assortment of endangered animals, then sprinkle liberally with endangered plants. Dish up, and serve to an eager audience…

Understand? No, I didn’t think you would so let me explain. This instalment of Six Degrees plays on the Wikipedia game where you are challenged, for example, to get from Wikipedia’s page on custard to the page on Mount Everest by clicking only on the internal links on each page (I managed custard to Mount Everest in 4 links).

So, by clicking only on the thumbnail images in the ‘Related Species’ section of ARKive, is it possible to get from a shark to a gorilla in six steps? And don’t forget, the only rule is that you CANNOT press the back button once you have clicked on a link! Here goes…

Basking shark

Basking shark photo

The basking shark has the same conservation status as the goitered gazelle.

Goitered gazelle

Goitered gazelle photo

The goitered gazelle is in the same group (family Bovidae) as Thomson’s gazelle.

Thomson’s gazelle

Thomson's gazelle photo

Thomson’s gazelle has the same geographic range and conservation status as the African golden cat.

African golden cat

African golden cat photo

The African golden cat has the same geographic range as the African elephant.

African elephant

African elephant photo

The African elephant has the same conservation status as the sun-tailed monkey.

Sun-tailed monkey

Sun-tailed monkey photo

The sun-tailed monkey lives in a similar habitat to the western gorilla.

Western gorilla

Western gorilla photo

Done! And in only 5 steps! Now you have the recipe and you know the rules, fancy a go yourself? I challenge you to get from:

1. a crocodile to a crow

2. a pitcher plant to a pigeon

3. a salamander to a sloth

Let us know how you did!

Bonnie Metherell, ARKive Media Researcher

  • Claire (July 1st, 2011 at 9:20 am):

    Salamander to Sloth in three steps, surely a winner?!

  • Becky (July 1st, 2011 at 9:21 am):

    Phew! Just managed Pitcher Plant to Pigeon in 12! Anyone beat that?