Jul 3

silverdocs logoThe Discovery Channel and the American Film Institute (AFI) Silver Theater in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, recently hosted their ninth annual Silverdocs Film Festival, screening the best documentaries around the world to over 27,000 attendees. Simultaneously, a 5-day conference is held that promotes documentary film as a leading art and educational form, supporting the work of independent filmmakers and fostering an atmosphere for public dialogue and civic engagement around the issues and ideas explored in the films.

The ARKive team was invited to participate on a “Schooldocs” panel called Where to Get Web Content Fast and Ready for Your Lessons, moderated by Kelly Denson, Director of STEM Outreach and Education Policy for Discovery Education. Schooldocs is the educational off-shoot of Silverdocs, emphasizing the use of media and technology in the curriculum and this  was ARKive’s 3rd year participating.

Liana Vitali, ARKive‘s Science, Education and Outreach Officer in the USA, was joined by two other panelists: Donelle Blubaugh, Director of Education at PBS and William McDonald, Director of Curriculum Development, Science and Mathematics at Discovery Education.

Photo of Liana Vitali, ARKive‘s Science, Education and Outreach Officer in the USA

Liana Vitali, ARKive Science, Education and Outreach Officer at Wildscreen USA, responding to a question from Kelly Denson, Discovery Education, at Schooldocs

The room was full of eager teachers and educators from the Washington, DC metropolitan area, wanting to soak up the free resources that are available online. Liana warmed up the crowd by playing ARKive’s promotional video with Sir David Attenborough and at the end of her presentation, some teachers were already exploring ARKive on their iPads!

For further information on Silverdocs visit: http://silverdocs.com/

Shelley Alingas, Wildscreen USA’s Program Assistant