Sep 22

Do you like ARKive more than everyone else? If you think you are ARKive’s biggest fan, then this is your chance to shine and be crowned ARKive’s Superfan!

Now that we have reached over 10,000 Facebook Likes, the search is on for ARKive’s Superfan! We know you all want to look as beautiful as this Atlantic royal flycatcher with its regal crown, so read on to find out more…

How can you win the sought after accolade of being ARKive’s Superfan and get the jewelled crown?

It’s very simple; just follow the next two steps:                                                       

1: *Like* ARKive on Facebook

2: Tell us why you like ARKive so much by posting on our Facebook wall

To give you an idea, here are some examples of what some of our greatest fans have said already:

‘I like ARKive because it brings to me the animals, plants and other parts of Mother Nature that are too far away for me to personally experience.’

‘I don’t just “LIKE” ARKive, I LOVE ARKive. I love ARKive because it is an extraordinary collection of precious information which for all we know may be lost to future generations if it weren’t for inspiring ventures like ARKive.’

Whether your reason for liking ARKive is funny, serious or just plain wild, we’d love to know! Feel free to post as many times on our Facebook wall as you want!

Need more inspiration? Check this out…

So how will we choose the ultimate ARKive Superfan?

Well, the ARKive team will pick their 10 favourite reasons, which will be put to a Facebook vote next week. Which means…the winner of the title ARKive Superfan 2011 is in your hands!

Why are we doing this?

To say a big, big thank you to all our Facebook fans for *liking* us!

ARKive is all about shining a spotlight on endangered animals and plants. When you *like* us on Facebook and share our posts with your friends, you’re helping to raise awareness about threatened wildlife and allowing more people to learn what makes them so special. Every little bit helps!

The finer details…

Runners-up prize

The 9 runners-up will win a crown to add to their Facebook profile photo.


Superfan Winner!

The ultimate winner will be (virtually) crowned ARKive Superfan and receive lots of ARKive love!

Who will be crowned ARKive Superfan? Can’t wait to find out…