Sep 29

The purpose of a mysterious large, white dome that has appeared on the Abu Dhabi Corniche has finally been revealed. The dome will provide a unique ‘Bu Tinah Experience’, giving members of the public a chance to experience the wonders of Bu Tinah Island.

Hawksbill turtle

Hawksbill turtle










Bu Tinah Island, situated around 130 kilometres west of Abu Dhabi, is part of the UNESCO designated Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve. It is the region’s first Marine Biosphere Reserve, and is home to a diverse range of spectacular animals including the hawksbill turtle, the dugong, the greater flamingo and the bottlenose dolphin, not to mention the spectacular corals and mangroves.

In order to protect the island’s ecosystem, Bu Tinah Island is closed to members of the public and can only be visited by scientists. The Bu Tinah Experience gives people the chance to immerse themselves in the island’s biodiversity, and includes a turtle rehabilitation centre and a mangrove nursery.

Dugong image


Greater flamingo image

Greater flamingo

The unique experience opens this Friday, 30th September, and will remain open until the 13th November. As well as giving people a taste of the United Arab Emirate’s spectacular biodiversity, it is hoped the experience will highlight the importance of conservation in the area.
Thanks to its rich fauna and flora, Bu Tinah Island is also currently a finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition. The winners of the competition will be decided by a vote, with members of the public being asked to choose their favourite 7 candidates from a list of 28.
Bottlenose dolphin image

Bottlenose dolphins

Socotra cormorant image

Socotra cormorant








For more information on the Bu Tinah Experience, visit the Bu Tinah website.

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