Sep 26
More amazing photos, videos and texts are added to ARKive every alternate week. Here is a summary of our latest update:
The stats
  • 24 new species
  • 232 new images
  • 14 new media donors
  • 31 new texts
Our favourite new species – Arcidocarpus orientalis
Acridocarpus orientalis flowers

Acridocarpus orientalis flowers

Our favourite new photo – panther chameleon
Panther chameleon walking along branch

Panther chameleon walking along branch

Powerful new images – Franciscana
Franciscanas caught as bycatch

A major threat to the Franciscana is being caught as bycatch

 Our favourite new facts – Horsfield’s tarsier

Horsfield's tarsier on branch

Horsfield's tarsier on branch

  • The unique shape of a tarsier’s spine means that it is capable of rotating its head nearly 360 degrees.
  • Tarsiers are remarkable in having the biggest eyes of any mammal, relative to their body weight.
  • Horsfield’s tarsier is capable of leaping over five metres, which is almost 40 times its own body length.

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