Oct 6

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived – we can finally reveal the winners of our fantastic ARKive Superfan competition! Over the past two weeks, ARKive’s biggest fans have been telling us why they like us so much over Facebook and Twitter.

After much debate in the ARKive office last week, we chose 10 reasons from Facebook and 10 reasons from Twitter to be put to a vote!

We then asked you to vote for your favourite reason for liking ARKive and end the quest to find ARKive’s ultimate Superfan. It has been a close call throughout, and it’s no wonder, with such fantastic reasons for liking ARKive!

So drum roll please…

ARKive’s Superfan Winners


Mia Macadam: I don’t just “LIKE” ARKive, I LOVE ARKive…I love ARKive because it is an extraordinary collection of precious information which for all   we know may be lost to future generations if it weren’t for inspiring ventures like ARKive. On ARKive you can see videos, pictures and very  hard to come by information on some of the rarest species on earth…so keep up the amazing work  and know that there are many of us who dream of being a part of such projects!! 


S Holloway: @saunieindiego @ARKive puts me in touch with animals and creatures I would not otherwise know existed. I love @ARKive


We hope you enjoy wearing your jewelled crowns ARKive Superfans!

If you didn’t see our favourite reasons on Facebook and Twitter before, then here they are as a reminder…

Facebook Top 10:

I like ARKive because it brings to me the animals, plants and other parts of Mother Nature that are too far away for me to personally experience.  Apart from the super cool name and the awesome web interface, I love how ARKive is such a great platform to learn and share vital information and amazing photographs of our fellow inhabitants of planet Earth.
ARKive could be the single most complete online encyclopaedia of wildlife on the internet; closing a gap between the public and the natural world. I like ARKive because it is the best resource for any pictures of any life-form: algae to chickens. It is free. It is a great place for information and wild news and jokes. I love ARKive because it helps wildlife around the world.
I love ARKive because it doesn’t put any animal above another. The creatures that some find disturbing or insignificant get as much ‘air time’ as the cute fluffy ones. And, being a fishy person, it’s great to see all the species of fish you highlight… I like ARKive because it has lots of information and I even dreamt to be in the ARKive team when I am big.
I like ARKive because it is a great resource for sharing with my children to show them the wonderful creatures we share the planet with. We like ARKive because it’s a unique source of inspirational images, footage and knowledge about nature. Takes us to journeys beyond and under and never fails to amaze us.
I like ARKive because it is an information resource that is powerful. To excite people about protecting habitats, or doing their part to be good stewards, it helps to know that there are some amazing creatures out there that are too incredible to lose.

Twitter Top 10:

@moongirl01: @ARKive I follow ARKive because I’m passionate about wildlife and conservation and I enjoy learning as much as I can about all animals. @brittgow: I love @ARKive because my students learn about threatened species and sometimes even develop empathy for our wild creatures on earth. @nom_ennuyeux: @ARKive Like?! I love ARKive. It’s a fantastic site for finding facts quickly or reading 
@madbirdhouse: @ARKive I like ARKive because you share knowledge, help educate the world, and.embrace social media. Plus your pics are lovely! @biocreativity: I LOVE @ARKive because it gives us all a chance to see endangered species in action via the #biocreativity of photographers and filmmakers! @Elyphaleth: I LOVE @ARKive because it helps me finding amazing pictures, videos and complete information about many animal species that I love.
@VEcotours: I follow ARKive because I love randomly perusing the animals! And it’s a great resource. @rozpen love the fab photos and unusual facts! @p_potto:@ARKive I love looking at the amazing variety of plants & animals you feature. I’ve learned a lot, & enjoy beautiful photos too!

Thanks to you all for playing our Superfan game and voting for the ultimate Superfan! The ARKive team has really enjoyed reading all your reasons for liking ARKive. We hope you enjoyed playing too and even if you weren’t the winner, you’ve helped us to spread the word about ARKive and raise awareness about the world’s most endangered species.

The ARKive Team