Dec 27

As we near the end of the year, we decided to look back at ARKive’s most popular blog posts of 2011 – from conservation news stories to our terrific top tens. Which one will be your favourite?

10. Meet the Survival characters – Komodo Dragon

This year saw the launch of ARKive’s free mobile app, a fun, addictive and educational game in which you have to tap, drag, scroll, swipe and pinch your way through a series of quick-fire mini-games. Read more about our app and our survival characters, such as the Komodo dragon, and let us know if this is your favourite blog in our poll!

Komodo dragon image

9. Get fit for summer with ARKive’s animal personal trainers

A post that many seemed to enjoy featured an animal work out with some of our favourite species, such as this leaping Verreaux’s sifaka, to inspire you to get active yourselves. Read more about some active animals, you never know this may be handy for that post-Christmas bulge!

Verreaux's sifaka photo

8. ARKive Challenge: Spot the animal

Have some fun trying to spot these elusive creatures, which are all well adapted to hide in their habitats. From a pygmy seahorse to this well hidden Arctic hare, can you find them all? Let us know if this is your favourite!

Arctic hare photo

7. In the News: Eastern puma declared extinct

One of our most popular blogs featured the sad news of the extinction of the Eastern puma, a subspecies of the puma, ending its 38 years on the Endangered Species Act. Read more on this story, and let us know if you think this is the most important story of 2011.

 Photo of an Eastern puma

6. In the News: Spiders under threat

It is great to see that so many of you care that many spiders are vulnerable to human impacts, such as this Critically Endangered peacock parachute spider. Have a look at our blog about this study, and vote if you are a creepy crawly fan!

Peacock parachute spider photo

5. ARKive’s Top 10 Sharks

A fascinating and diverse group, our blog about sharks proved popular this year, with ten of our favourites and some great facts about them. With species like this tasselled wobbegong, it is not surprising this blog was so popular!

Tasselled wobbegong photo

4. ARKive’s Top 10 Ugliest Animal Babies!

Something to make you laugh, this blog features some great pictures of some of the least beautiful animal babies! With shrivelled-looking hedgehogs and this ghoulish turkey vulture chick, this blog is sure to make you chuckle! Let us know if it is your favourite.

Turkey vulture chick photo

3. ARKive’s Top 10 Grumpiest Faces

Another blog to giggle at, with some of ARKive’s grumpy-looking species. We all feel grumpy at some point, so this blog celebrates some animals we can all relate to, featuring some weird and wonderful creatures like this forlorn looking shortnose batfish.

Shortnose batfish photo

2. In the News: Rhino poaching in South Africa continues to surge in 2011

Another serious story with the terrible news that in the first half of this year alone, 200 rhinos were killed in South Africa. Read more in our blog, and let us know if you think this is the best or most interesting blog of 2011.

Black rhinoceros photo

And the blog that was read the most in 2011 was…

1. In the News: Rare forest antelope captured on camera

The fascinating news that Africa’s most endangered antelope, the Critically Endangered Ader’s duiker, was caught on camera traps in the highly threatened Boni-Dodori forest in Kenya. Is this your favourite blog?

Ader's duiker photo

Have a read of our top ten blogs from this year – from those that make you laugh, to those that inform about the latest endangered species stories from the news, and vote in our poll for your favourite!

Rebecca Taylor, ARKive Media Researcher

  • ARKive (January 9th, 2012 at 3:29 pm):

    And your favourite from our poll?

    ‘ARKive’s Top 10 Grumpiest Faces’ was top with 35% of the votes. Second place went to ‘ARKive’s Top 10 Sharks’ with 18% of the votes and joint third were ‘ARKive’s Top 10 Ugliest Animal Babies!’ and ‘ARKive Challenge: Spot the animal’ each with 12% of the votes.

    Many thanks to all who voted!