Feb 15

The results from our top ten funniest photos poll are in! We are pleased to announce that the winner, with a bit of a mouthful is the Bornean orangutan!

In honour of this well deserved winner, we thought we would highlight some other fascinating facts about this incredible primate:

The winning funniest photo shows a female Bornean orangutan carrying a rather ambitious amount of mangoes in her mouth. Orangutans actually eat over 400 different types of food, mainly consisting of fruit but also leaves, shoots and invertebrates.

Photo of Bornean orangutan with mangoes in mouth


As one of only two orangutan species, the Bornean orangutan is a well known, distinctive looking species with a shaggy reddish coat. Interestingly, the male occurs in two forms, unflanged and flanged, as in the picture below, where it has protruding cheek pads on either side of the face.

Bornean orangutan male yawning, showing canines


Orangutans are the slowest breeding of all mammal species, with the females not reproducing until 15 years of age, and only producing young every 8 years. The infant will spend its first two to three years being carried by the female, remaining close to the female for at least another 3 years after that.

Bornean orangutan infant sleeping


In the past orangutans were hunted relentlessly, however the main threat to this species today is habitat loss. In the past 20 years, 80 percent of its habitat has been lost due to activities such as illegal logging and conversion of land for palm oil plantations.

Illegal gold mine inside Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo


There is hope for this incredible species, with many conservation efforts now underway. The Bornean orangutan is protected by law in many areas, although illegal logging still continues to be a problem even in protected areas of its range. Captive Bornean orangutans, which have often been rescued from the illegal pet trade, are being reintroduced into the wild through rehabilitation centres, and conservationists are now working to try and reduce the conflict between people and orangutans.

Bornean orangutan infant and adult interacting


Hopefully we can help raise awareness for the Bornean orangutan, so people know about the plight of this Endangered species. Let us know if you have any other interesting facts about this unique species!

Rebecca Taylor, ARKive Media Researcher

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