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Amongst the tens of thousands of images in the ARKive collection there are some hilarious, sidesplitting snaps of nature’s comedians in action so we thought we would share some of the ARKive team’s favourites. 

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It’s been one of those days!

The most common member of the bear family, the American black bear actually exhibits much variation in colouration, ranging from black to lighter cinnamon or even brown coloured coats. This American black bear is either scratching its head or is fed up of being mistaken for a brown bear!

American black bear scratching head


Clowning around

An adorable species, the northern raccoon is an expert climber, so this young raccoon clowning around is unlikely to fall, even though it looks like it is in a rather precarious situation!

Young northern raccoon swinging from branch


Breakdancing buffalo

The African buffalo is Africa’s only wild cattle species, with its bulky build and imposing horns it is considered to be a rather dangerous animal. This individual doesn’t look so scary now though, enjoying a wallow in the mud or perhaps even attempting a spot of breakdancing!

Cape buffalo mud-bathing


Blowing raspberries

Even though the Malayan sun bear is the smallest of the worlds bear species, it has the longest tongue of them all! Here we can see this impressive tongue in all its glory!

Malayan sun bear showing long tongue


Just 5 more minutes mum!

Three to four weeks after hatching and whilst the parents go fishing at sea, gentoo penguin chicks form groups or creches with other chicks in the colony. By the looks of it, this chick has had a bit too much fun for one day and needs 40 winks back at the nest!

Gentoo penguin chick sleeping


Catch me if you can!

The striking black-and-white ruffed lemur moves amongst the trees with great agility by walking or running along branches and leaping from tree to tree. It’s also appears to be quite the acrobat, as shown in this great action shot!

Young black-and-white ruffed lemur playing


Life’s tough in the Arctic…

Distributed throughout the Arctic, the polar bear is the world’s largest land carnivore. Evidently these large mammals need some time to kick back and relax, with this particular individual even finding a makeshift pillow to rest its weary head upon.

Polar bear lying on snow


Ah, that’s the spot!

Allogrooming is quite a common behaviour amongst primates and the chacma baboon is no exception. This species is highly social, living in groups of up to as many as 130 individuals. With this many friends around it means plenty of opportunities for relaxing pampering sessions in the sun!

Southern chacma baboons allogrooming


Can I go again?

The giant panda is arguably one of the world’s most loved species. With a diet consisting almost entirely of bamboo, the giant panda spends most of its waking hours feeding to ensure its daily energy requirements are met. This panda seems to have found some time out of its busy feeding schedule to have a slide down this snowy slope!

Giant panda sliding down snowy slope on back


Finders, keepers!

One of only two species of orangutan, the Bornean orangutan eats over 400 different types of food. As this photo shows, sometimes one mango at a time is not quite enough and a Bornean orangutans eyes are bigger than its mouth!

Southern Bornean orangutan female with mangoes in mouth

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Rebecca Taylor, ARKive Media Researcher

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    Too cute!

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    Love Sun Bears!

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    love them all but this one in particular. in harsh environment most of the time one could hardly imagine penguin can have time to have fun !

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    The Orangutan with mouthfull of kedondong is really funny, he is just like me when comes to FOOD!! LOL

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    The most attractive animal in a zoo is Orangutan!!