Feb 16

Last week Helen Roddis was blown away by the extreme endurance of the emperor penguin. Will this weeks team member choose a sturdy species or something slightly more sensitive?

Eleanor Sans – ARKive Media Researcher

Favourite Species: Kea

Why? The kea has achieved notoriety in its New Zealand mountain habitat for being a mischief maker. Highly curious and quick to explore its environment the kea has been known to strip parked cars of all their rubber trimmings, de-sealing windows and ruining wiper blades. Even though it can be a nuisance the kea is intelligent and fascinating to watch with its playful behaviour being accompanied by calls that sound like weird parrot laughter.

Favourite kea image on ARKive:

Kea image

Kea in flight

The kea is classified as Vulnerable (VU) on the IUCN Red List. It is under threat due to its reputation for attacking sheep, as well as cars and property around ski resorts. Many individuals were shot to try and control population numbers, leading to the species becoming threatened.

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