Mar 12

The ARKive team are like a pack of social animals. There’s nothing more we *like* than a good old party! Whether it’s in fancy dress or a wild birthday bash!

ARKive Team celebrating ARKive's 8th Birthday

ARKive Team celebrating ARKive's 8th Birthday

That’s why we love getting social online to connect with millions of people all over the world. By sharing photos, videos and facts about endangered species via social networks we can inspire others to value them and ultimately contribute to their protection. We need your help to share, *like*, tweet, +1 and join our discussions to spread the word even further.

Social animals (and plants)

But it’s not just us humans that like to dabble in a bit of social networking. The natural world is full of instant messaging, sharing and status updates. From ants with over a million ‘friends’, to obscure avian-event invitations, to well-connected dolphins, animals got social long before the advent of Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Photo of army ant colony foraging for prey

Army ant colony


What’s the Most Social Species?

Which species makes those power connections? Which species has got the best moves? Which species would you want to invite to your party? Join our search to find the ‘Most Social Species’ onARKive. Wherever you hangout online, connect with ARKive and let us know your favourite social species.

The Categories:

Most Liked Social Species

Visit the species you think is the most social and press the Facebook *like* button. The species with the most likes will win the title of ‘Most Liked Social Species’. Who will win? *Like* to ensure your favourite is a contender!

No. 1 Social Species

Look for your no.1 species and press Google +. The title of ‘No. 1 Social Species’ will go to the species with the most Google +1s. Ensure your favourite is a chartbuster by pressing +1.

Chirpiest Social Species

Explore ARKive to find the species you think is the happiest and chattiest and press tweet. The ‘Chirpiest Social Species’ will be awarded to the species with the most new tweets. Tweet to ensure your favourite makes top bill!

Most Stylish Species

Share the animal or plant you think is the ‘Most Stylish Species’ on our Tumblr blog. What’s the best natural style this season? Who’s got the grooviest patterns? Who will tumble their way into the lead? Let us know on our Tumblr blog.

Get social this week!

Each day this week, we’ll focus on one social network and check out its similarities with the wild social world. Come join us on:

Let us know your favourite social species in the comments below too! Look out for the award winners next week. Who will win? It’s up to you!

Get social with ARKive – the party wouldn’t be the same without you!

  • Remco van Merm (March 13th, 2012 at 8:47 pm):

    Not a big contender, but deserves to be mentioned: the Sociable Lapwing!