Mar 2

There are always exciting technical developments going on behind the scenes at ARKive, helping to improve the ARKive experience. Most of these developments go unnoticed – in fact being invisible is one of the primary aims of some of our technical projects! However, we hope you will notice our recently updated ARKive video player, bringing you easier access to the amazing collection of videos on the website.

New features and improvements

  1. The player now has an audio control, time indicators and a new button to allow you to share the video with others
  2. The videos will load more quickly in most circumstances – sometimes this extra speed will be very noticeable and there are even more speed improvements lined up for later this year
  3. We now serve the videos from thousands of locations across the world so you’re never far away from an orangutan or ostrich
  4. Videos can now be watched on smartphones and tablets (tested on Android, iPad and iPhone but newer Blackberry phones and other mobile platforms should work too)
Screenshot of new ARKive video player

Screenshot of the new ARKive video player

The combination of improved video loading time and the new share button has coincided with a peak of video watching activity that has not been seen since one of our osprey videos went viral last August. Early indications are that these video improvements have resulted in a 30% increase in website visits, a 70% increase in video plays and a 300% increase in sharing and social activity on the site.

Share your favourite video

What’s your favourite video on ARKive? Why not watch it now and press the new share button on the video player and share it with your friends! Here are some of our favourite videos on ARKive for inspiration:

Polar bear moving over thin ice and swimming between ice floes

Global temperature rise could result in a skewed sex ratio for the leatherback turtle

Amazing new video of gharial young emerging from nest

What do you think of the new video player? Is there anything we should improve when we next update it?

Chris Tomlinson, IT Systems Architect

  • Ivan (March 2nd, 2012 at 10:24 pm):

    I love the new video player! Works really well on my phone too – nice work