Mar 1

A personal experience lead to the indri becoming Michelle’s favourite species, but will this week’s team member’s choice be admiration from afar or another astounding encounter?

Susan Russell – Wildscreen Finance Manager

Favourite species? Barn swallow

Why? I just love to hear them chattering in the sky above on a summers day. They’re really beautiful to watch and the story of their migration is amazing. I think they’re just as special as any rare or exotic species! I have chosen this image as it reminds me of a week I spent at a campsite in Yorkshire. The swallows were nesting in the laundry and in the ladies loo block. When I first arrived I went to wash my hands and on the shelf above the wash basin was a beautiful model of a swallow, just 6 inches from my face. At least I thought it was a model until it flew away!

Favourite barn swallow image on ARKive:

Barn swallow image

Barn swallow chicks being fed at nest

The barn swallow is classified as Least Concern (LC) on the IUCN Red List. An abundant species, the barn swallow has modified its nesting tendencies to complement the changing landscape throughout its range. Previously exploited in the hat trade in the 1800s, the barn swallow is now mostly threatened by the reduction in prey availability due to elevated pesticide use.

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