Apr 22

As you can probably tell, all of us here at ARKive are pretty much enamored with stunning, eye-catching and inspiring media art. From impactful photography to gripping wildlife film clips, imagery continues to play a powerful role in sparking and sustaining people’s interest in the natural world.

Earth Day sets the stage beautifully for appreciating art in nature and famed artist, Maya Lin, has captured the past and future of conservation in her final memorial titled, “What is Missing?”, a global, multimedia art project centered around our living planet. ARKive worked with Maya Lin, who is well known for designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the US, to secure a selection of emotive images and films for the memorial which is both a permanent exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences and a traveling exhibit featured in New York, Beijing, and Copenhagen. Maya hopes the newest addition to the memorial, called “Conservation in Action”, conveys a message that, “spurs people to realize their power to connect with work that is under way and take steps in their everyday lives, no matter how small.”

Inspired by Earth Day and “What is Missing?”, we had a look through the ARKive collection for our favorite artistically-inspired images and there are plenty to be found!


The sunrise paints a colorful canvas for the Curlew sandpipers breakfast

Curlew sandpipers feeding at sunrise

A mother’s love

A peaceful moment captured between a mother and baby bonobo

Adult and infant bonobo sleeping

Underwater gold

Fluorescent grass coral waves like shimmering gold in the ocean

Fluoresence grass coral open polyps

A pop of color

A floral pop of fuchsia sets of the stunning blue matrona

Matrona basilaris on a plant

 A different perspective

Focusing on a single detail, like a peacock grouper eye, can create a stunning portrait

Peacock grouper eye detail, captive

After seeing this small set of images, it’s pretty hard not to find beauty and art all around nature! Which of these is your favorite? Is there another picture on ARKive that you think embodies art in nature? Share it with us in the comments below!

Happy Earth Day!

Liana Vitali, ARKive Science, Education and Outreach Officer

  • Diny Kleeb (April 22nd, 2012 at 6:38 pm):

    Hermosísimas imágenes todas, pero el que mas me ha gustado es la pacífica siesta de la madre con su hijito. El de los pájaros playeros la naturaleza sobrepasa a que que puede plasmar en su lienzo un buen pintor. Los he disfrutado a tope. Gracias. Diny.