May 14

In the ARKive office we love a good celebration, and what better reason is there to celebrate than our 9th birthday? The 20th May 2012 will mark 9 years since the launch of ARKive, during which time the website has grown to include over 14,500 species profiles! To mark the occasion, we have taken a look through the vault to find some real party animals to help get the fun and games started…

Clowning around

All good parties need some entertainment, and when a birthday comes around it is time to bring out the clowns! While it may be lacking in huge feet (or any feet for that matter) and a big red nose, we think that the colourful common clownfish would be a welcome guest at any gathering.

Common clownfish photo

A good sing-song

When the cake arrives, it is pretty much mandatory to belt out happy birthday as loud as you can. While the animal kingdom has a variety of talented vocalists, we have decided that this western meadowlark could probably out-sing most of the ARKive staff!

Western meadowlark photo

Make a wish

It is traditional to make a wish as you blow out the candles on your cake, and while there might not be any real candles in the ARKive collection, we think the firefly squid is just as pretty! Perhaps you could try wishing on a squid instead?

Firefly squid photo

Party games

If you are as competitive as most of the ARKive team, you probably love a good party game, and one of our favourites has got to be musical statues. Mind you, I think the male sharp-tailed grouse could give us a run for our money with its stop-start display, check out this video!

Sharp-tailed grouse photo

You’re invited too!

Of course, you can’t have a party without your friends, so we want to invite all of our fans and followers to get involved in our birthday celebrations.

*Like* ARKive on Facebook to help us unwrap our 9th birthday presents and Pass the Parcel to your friends! Keep an eye out for some cryptic clues and see if you can guess which animals have been wrapped up!

ARKive's Birthday Presents

Plus, as it’s our 9th birthday, on Twitter we’ll be sharing cool facts about the 9th species added to ARKive each year, starting from the launch of ARKive back in 2003! Once each fact gets 9 retweets, we’ll reveal the 9th species added on our next birthday, along with another fun fact to retweet.

The 9th species ever added to ARKive was the giant panda. Here’s the first fact to retweet:

Known for feeding on bamboo, did you know that the giant panda is technically a carnivore & occasionally eats meat too? #HBARKive

Why not send us a birthday message too? Post why you *like* ARKive on our Facebook wall. Our favourite 9 reasons for *liking* ARKive will appear in a 9th Birthday blog on Sunday 20th May. Plus you’ll win a special birthday party hat Twibbon so that you can celebrate on your Facebook and Twitter profiles too.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr  and Google Plus to check out wild number 9 facts – make sure you get involved!

  • Homa (May 16th, 2012 at 3:59 am):

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I really LOVE arkive and enjoy your website……..