Jun 15

Explore mammals that survive the extremes of the Arctic, discover the Critically Endangered reptiles of India or watch videos of species affected by climate change, all with the help of the new and improved ARKive search.

Whether you start your journey from the search box or the explore menu, it’s now even easier to browse, navigate and filter ARKive’s collection of over 15,000 species as well as our amazing videos, images and topic-led featured pages.

Simple keyword searches provide even better results than before but what we are most excited about is giving you the ability to refine your search results for species and media on ARKive. Whether you want to search by country, taxonomy, conservation status, group, topic, eco-region or even the date things were added – ARKive is your oyster!

Screenshot of ARKive's new and improved search results

Screenshot of ARKive's new and improved search results

ARKive search box

The improved suggestions you see when typing in the ARKive search box

ARKive’s technical team have enjoyed learning about lots of endangered species whilst playing with the cutting-edge technology behind the new search system because there are almost limitless ways to stumble upon fascinating new results.

For example, you can look for all videos of extinct amphibians or all mammals in Uganda. Since you can combine these refinements with a normal keyword search you can find even more specific items such as all images of mammals and amphibians eating grass.

You’ll also notice that we have improved the quick suggestions that drop down after you type a few characters into the main search box – when you know exactly what you’re looking for, this can be a very quick way to jump straight to the correct page on the site.

The software powering our new search is called Solr. Despite Google’s suggestions to the contrary, it has nothing to do with the Sun, nor climate change! The ARKive technical team have been very impressed with its speed and the new features that we can now offer so we hope that you will appreciate it too.

We are keen to start work on more improvements so please help us by offering your feedback on the new ARKive search.

We hope you have as much fun exploring the new search as we have had testing it!

Chris Tomlinson, IT Systems Architect