Jun 8

Since 2002, June the 8th has been celebrated as World Oceans Day, a global event coordinated by the Ocean Project and The World Ocean Network. World Oceans Day provides a chance to think about the importance of oceans to humans and celebrate these vital and inspirational bodies of water.


Image of whale shark filter feeding surrounded by other fish

Discovering more about the oceans can help to inspire people to take action


Each year World Oceans Day has a theme, and this year the theme is Youth: the Next Wave for Change. Inspiring the next generation to care about and conserve the natural world is at the very heart of ARKive. By discovering more about the oceans and their importance to our wellbeing, young people may be more likely to change their perspective and their behaviour to protect the worlds oceans.


Image of pink anemonefish adult with eggs almost ready to hatch

The next generation will be important advocates for the natural world


Get involved

All over the world there are events planned to celebrate World Oceans day from a beach festival in Florida, United States, to a plastic clean up in South Africa and responsible fish and sea-food sourcing in the UK.  Visit the World Oceans Day events page to see what events are taking place near you.

Image of common seals laying on beach

Find out what World Oceans Day events are taking place on a beach near you


Image of School of five-lined snapper swimming at speed

If you feel inspired by the oceans get together with friends to plan your own event for next year

It’s not too early to start planning your own event for next year. There are plenty of suggestions on the World Oceans Day website as well as advice on how to plan and market your event so it all goes swimmingly.

If you can’t make it to an event this year, you can still explore the oceans using ARKive.

However you choose to celebrate, have a brilliant World Oceans Day!

Ellie Sans, ARKive Media Researcher