Sep 9

Did we blink and miss summer? September has somehow managed to sneak up on us and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to go back to school!

While we know you’d much rather be burying your face in the pillow and snoozing sleepily on when your alarm buzzes, we think that our exciting new education resources might make dragging yourself out of bed and heading back to school that little bit easier.

“I’d forgotten what this time on a Monday morning felt like…”


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Catching up on the latest news, gossip…and education resources!

A lot can happen over the summer break, and the first week back at school is a great time to catch up on all the news and holiday gossip. Humans aren’t the only ones in the animal kingdom to enjoy a good chatter – these Barbary macaques certainly seem to have lots to talk about too!

Animals don’t just communicate vocally; communication can be visual, acoustic, chemical or physical. And animals don’t just want to find out the latest gossip! They communicate for many reasons, including territorial defence, courtship and learning. Find out more about how and why animals communicate with one another in our great new ‘Animal Communication’ resource for 14-16 year olds.


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Making an impact

It’s tempting to just grab a bottle of water or a fizzy drink with your lunch or on your way home from school, but have you ever thought about how many plastic bottles you use each year? And where they go once you’ve thrown them in the bin? In the UK alone we consume 10-13 billion bottles of water per year, while in the US the figures are even higher – somewhere between 29 and 50 billion. How many of these billions of bottles of water are recycled? At the moment, it’s not even half.

Find out more about the impact of plastics on the environment in our new, thought-provoking resource ‘Human Impacts on the Environment’. Explore how humans and our activities can have negative impacts on the environment and endangered species, and discover the sad fate of the Laysan albatross in Hawaii.


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Discover more exciting resources on ARKive Education to keep you entertained this school year…

Whether you’re a student looking for ways to beat the back to school blues or a teacher in need of some natural inspiration for the classroom, ARKive and its fun-packed education resources have all you need to get the new school year off to a flying start.

From adaptation to food chains and classification to evolution, we’ve got it covered. Discover all of these resources and more on ARKive Education.


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