Feb 13

Felix photoHere in the ARKive office we are always thrilled to receive feedback from users of the site, and when a particularly lovely email arrived in our inbox from young fan Felix, it is safe to say that it made our day. Ten year old Felix explained that his greatest passion is the natural world and his aim is to become a naturalist when he is older. He tells us he regularly uses ARKive to expand his knowledge and learn more about the world’s amazing species, and he writes about and draws these animals on a daily basis.

Recently he has managed to take time out of his busy schedule working for his exams to tell us a little more about his love of ARKive and the natural world:

Favourite species on ARKive

I’m quite fond of bats, such as the barbastelle bat. I also find owls interesting, such as the great grey owl.

Great grey owl photo

Favourite video on ARKive

I find the pin-pointing skills of the osprey fascinating. You can watch the osprey in action here.

Favourite photo on ARKive

I find it breath-taking watching the humpback whale breaching as well as the beautiful skin colour of chameleons.

Humpback whale photo

Panther chameleon photo

Most interesting facts on ARKive

The mind boggling ways of telling apart different species.

What has been your favourite wildlife encounter?

When I went swimming with wild bottlenose dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Azores.

Bottlenose dolphin photo

When did you find ARKive?

At the age of about seven, when I was on a trip to Longleat,  a conservation zoo, I saw an incredibly detailed photo of an endangered species – the golden lion tamarin – and in the top left hand corner it said ARKive ,  and I was curious, so looked up ARKive on my computer when I got home, and I have been using it every day ever since.

Golden lion tamarin photo

Why do you think ARKive is important?

ARKive gives people the best understanding of the lifestyle and habits of every creature, whatever the users’ level of knowledge is. It’s also important for young passionate conservationists like me.

Because I’m so passionate about the living world I would love to be a member of ARKive. One of the most exciting moments in my life happened when, after having written to Sir David Attenborough – my conservationist hero – he actually wrote back to me a beautiful hand-written letter, which is my most prized possession. I would love Sir David to see this blog.

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Here are your top 10 favourite species from last Valentine’s. Will the kakapo be no. 1 again this year? We can’t wait to find out and spread the love for species this Valentine’s Day!