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  • Neill Hopwood (May 11th, 2016 at 3:13 pm):

    Hi Peter,
    I am looking for a photograph or oil painting of black oyster catchers and came across your one of the group in varies stages of taking off as a wave breaks on the rock. Firstly do you perhaps sell copies of that photo? Then my next questions, is it sharp enough to be blown up to roughly a meter wide. Then finally and this may sound crazy, is it sacrilege to ask you to alter the blue to a more blue grey! We have a share in this holiday home on the amazing Tsitsikamma coast where there are always resident Oyster Catchers. We recently repainted the interior of the house with a fairly bland colour and would now like to brighten the interior a bit with some colourful but apropriate artwork or photgraphs. Two things came to mind immediately…..Oyster catchers and proteas…..especially King proteas. If you are receptive to the above I will email you a picture of the lounge fireplace wall where we would want to place the Oyster catcher picture…..and a few photo’s of the property. How would the photo look if printed on canvas…..and would it fade over time?
    Thank you .
    Best regards

  • Hannah.Mulvany (May 20th, 2016 at 2:26 pm):

    Hi Neill, we have forwarded your request onto Peter who will be in touch!



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