May 28

The Whitley Fund for Nature holds an annual ceremony where pioneering conservationists around the world are honoured with an award recognising their achievement and given £35,000 (US$50,350) to continue their projects. We were lucky enough to be invited along to the ceremony to meet the finalists and find out more about their work. Each day this week we will release an interview from each of the winners on the Arkive blog and our Youtube channel. ENJOY!

Karau Kuna – Tree kangaroos as a flagship to protect Papua New Guinea’s spectacular wildlife

Karau works in the YUS Conservation Area, which is named after the three rivers that run through it – Yopno, Uruwa and Som, and covers over 1,500 square kilometres of pristine, biodiverse rainforest. Karau works with local people to conserve the natural resources in the protected area, developing Community Land Use plans which help them to manage their land sustainably. Karau’s project benefits around 12,000 people and is protecting the forest for its wild inhabitants such as Matschie’s tree kangaroo and birds-of-paradise.

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