Feb 1

Species name: red-footed booby

Nominated by: Chagos Conservation Trust

IUCN Red List classification: Least Concern

What is so special about your species?

With a funny name comes some funny feet, but no one can deny that the red footed booby is one of the most beautiful seabirds found in the Chagos Archipelago and certainly stands out in a crowd!  With their bright red feet they are ready for Valentine’s Day every day.  These colourful birds spend much of their time on the islands of the archipelago with regular visits to the ocean to feed.  Having an aerodynamic body and closeable nostrils means they can dive into the water to catch squid and small fish with ease.

What are the threats to this species in the wild?

In the Chagos Archipelago invasive black rats are one of the biggest threats to red footed boobies. These seabirds nest on the ground providing easy access for these introduced predators to prey on eggs and chicks. Out at sea, overfishing threatens the food supplies for red footed boobies.

What can people do to help your species?

Always choose sustainably sourced seafood to ensure that there is enough available for the other species that depend on seafood for their survival. You can also support the Chagos Conservation Trust in its efforts to eradicate invasive black rats from the islands of the Chagos Archipelago.





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