Mar 15

Whether you’re an occasional status updater, or a *like* button addict, Facebook has something for everyone and with over 800 million users, it’s an ideal place for us to spread the word about endangered species.

Join us in a stroll through the animal kingdom as we discover some of the favourite ways to use Facebook.

A great way to stay in touch with friends

Sanje mangabey image

With so many friends and so little time, it can be hard to keep up to date on all the latest news. A quick check of your Facebook news feed can keep you up to date on all the gossip. These Sanje mangabeys prefer a more hands on approach, grooming one another to maintain social bonds.

A paper free way to say ‘Happy Birthday’

Atlantic forest image

With handy reminders, it’s easier than ever to remember birthdays. And by wishing someone a ‘Happy Facebook Birthday’ instead of sending a card, you can help to save trees too!

Give somebody a poke!

Woodpecker finch image

Not heard from someone for a while? Give them a ‘poke’! While the woodpecker finch may look like it has the perfect tool for this, it is actually more likely to use its twig to push, stab or lever insects and spiders from tree-holes and crevices.

Make an announcement

Bat-eared fox

What better way to announce the arrival of a new bundle of joy to all your friends? And if they’re as cute as this sleepy bat-eared fox cub, who wouldn’t *like* it?!

Organise a gathering

Blue wildebeest

Organising a get together can be a bit of a pain, especially when you have so many friends! Creating a Facebook event is a great way to see who can make that camping trip. The blue wildebeest relies on seasonal cues for its gatherings, with this species forming some of the largest migratory herds of all antelopes. That’s some party!

Show off your holiday snaps!

Grey seal image

Gone are the days of laboriously looking through your friend’s 700 holiday snaps, now you can browse the highlights at your leisure! Grey seal pups like nothing better than lying on the beach until they’ve developed enough blubber to insulate them against the cold northern seas.

A way to let off steam…

Burrowing owl

Had a bad day? Feeling as grumpy as a burrowing owl with no burrow? Facebook can be a great place to let off a bit of steam and hopefully find a sympathetic ear!

Find love

Southern elephant seal

With so many people on Facebook today, there’s bound to be someone out there for everyone! Male southern elephant seals are more direct in their search for a partner, engaging in epic battles to control a harem of females.

What’s the most social species on ARKive?

Join our search to find the most social species on ARKive. Visit the species you think is the most social and press the Facebook *like* button. The species with the most new likes will win the title of ‘Most Liked Species’ in our Social Species Contest. Who will win? *Like* to ensure your favourite is a contender!

Becky Moran, ARKive Species Text Author


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