Feb 1

Species name: Myanmar snub-nosed monkey

Nominated by: Fauna & Flora International


IUCN Red List classification: Critically Endangered

What is so special about your species?

The outside world was oblivious to the existence of the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey until 2010, when it was discovered by scientists in a remote, unexplored forest in north-eastern Myanmar. This monkey is not what you would call conventionally cute, but it has a particularly endearing feature: its upturned nose causes it to sneeze when it rains. Nicknamed ‘the sneezing monkey’ and affectionately referred to as ‘snubby’, this bizarre primate is so rare and elusive that very few people have seen it, and its ecology is shrouded in mystery.

What are the threats to this species in the wild?

The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey is on the brink of extinction, with an estimated population of just 260 – 330 individuals. It clings precariously to survival in its shrinking forest home on the border between north-eastern Myanmar and southern China. This remarkable monkey faces threats from hunting and wildlife trade, illegal logging and habitat destruction.

What can people do to help your species?

Raise snubby’s profile by telling your friends about this astonishing, sneezing monkey. Take a stand against bushmeat by choosing not to eat at restaurants that serve monkey or other wild animals when travelling in Southeast Asia. Support Fauna & Flora International and help us protect the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey through our local community ranger programme.





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